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Art Guidelines

Below are some guidelines to help you create artwork suitable for screen-printing or
download our Art Guidelines.

Saving Files

If original graphic files are created in Illustrator, Corel Draw or other vector based programs please save files in the original application as an EPS, or PDF file. Please imbed fonts (see below.)
Photoshop files, Corel Paint files and other pixel based programs should be saved as TIFF or EPS files. Do not save files for printing in JPEG format as this compression format reduces the quality of output. Bitmap images also reduce the quality of output for printing. RGB is the recommended mode for artwork unless a four colour process is being used (CMYK).
We are currently running Corel 10.0 and Illustrator CS (11.0)


Please save all Photoshop files with a resolution of at least 200 pixels per inch or higher, at actual size. Example : If your full front graphic is to measure 10 x 12 inches when printed, set your resolution to 200 ppi in the image size dialogue box. Your file may also be saved at 5×6 at 400 ppi or any similar proportion thereof. Lower resolution images will result in a poor or unusable image. For Photoshop files created with text, please use as high a resolution as possible (245 ppi or higher, preferred)


Please imbed fonts in graphics before saving file in any vector based program such as Illustrator (create outlines) or Corel Draw (convert to curves).


When creating artwork use spot colours instead of the default process swatches in the application. Use Pantone colours whenever possible using your applications custom swatch libraries when filling colour in graphic always ensure that the same swatch is selected for that colour to ensure there is no duplication of colours. Remember that the colour on your screen will not always match the colour output on most printers so double check a Pantone book to see if the colour output is the desired one.


  • tiff, eps, ai, psd, cdr file types only