Sportswear Ltd.

“A” to “Z” Logistics

box M-Pressions Custom Screen Printing Products

Having excellent logistics at M-Pressions is key for being a one-stop shop. We pride ourselves on being able to oversee every aspect of production – from concept, to finished product, to delivery.

Design Studio Advantages

We have a full in-house design studio equipped with the latest software, hardware and output devices, so we are able to ensure you are pleased with the creative direction of your product. Paired with a 10,000 square foot production facility, we are able to maintain complete control over quality and the ability for quick turn around.

Shipping Logistics and Services

We not only source, supply, embellish, and pack your items, but we also take care of all of your shipping needs. We are located minutes from the Vancouver International Airport, the Vancouver Docks, and the Canadian/US border, so are able to take care of all delivery needs, and offer competitive prices throughout Canada, the US and internationally.

Whatever the product is – we design it, create it, stock it, and deliver it! You won’t be disappointed with our one-stop shop.