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    Get the winning image with our team.

At M-Pressions Sportswear, we have the creative expertise and technical knowledge to take your ideas from dream to reality. Whatever you wish to decorate or commemorate, we will provide a professional image. Whether starting from a rough sketch, photograph, or even just an idea, we will elevate your image to a tangible, fully branded product.

At M-Pressions, we oversee every aspect of production from concept to finished product. Our art department maintains a full time artist and all colour separations and film output are prepared on site. This, combined with a 10,000 square foot production facility with three automated and two manual presses, provides us with complete control over quality and the ability for quick turn around.

M-Pressions knowledgeable and dedicated staff will help you achieve the image you envisioned, which will in turn create an everlasting impression.